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christian funeral

10 things you should know about burial customs

christian funeral

Christians regard death as the beginning of a new life, and a funeral is held to pay final respect to the deceased. The customs and rituals performed after death and before the final burial are sophisticated and are organized to simply honour the memories of the dead and give condolences to the grieving family.

Here are the 10 most common things you should know about Christian funerals and burial customs.

1.  Burial Over Cremation

Christians believe in life after death. Their faith revolves around the idea that the dead will be retrieved after death. So, most typical Christians prefer their loved ones to be buried after death rather than cremating the body.

Even if someone did cremate their dead ones, the church prefers the ashes to be buried rather than scattering them in a field or a river.

2.  Body Preparation

Preparing the body for the wake is given special consideration.  As Christians believe that a person will enter heaven after the demise, they make sure the body is purified.  

With this belief in mind, the body is washed with clean water and is dressed up in a decent pair of clothes. The body is then placed in a casket with the hands placed on top of the body. Some people also prefer to put a Bible or rosary in the hands of the dead.

3.  The Vigil

The Vigil or Wake Service is an important event held before the final burial. The wake is held at the funeral home, church, home, or a venue decided by the family.

It allows the relatives to say their final goodbye to the deceased. The friends and family mourn with the grieving family and console them on their loss.

4.  Displaying The Coffin

The coffin, along with the dead body, is displayed at the wake. Keeping the coffin open or close depends on the choice of the family members and the deceased’s circumstances. But the primary reason behind displaying the coffin is to let the mourners accept the reality that the soul of their loved one has passed to the next world.

5.  Funeral Prayers

Praying for the grieved is how the Christians proceed with the funeral rituals. Throughout the ceremony, prayers are delivered, and hymns are sung. The family can also prepare a personalized list of hymns and scriptures to be played at the funeral.

6.  Sermon By The Priest

Sermon given by the priest or minister is the holiest event throughout the funeral service. The sermon reads passages from the Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament to the guest. This particularly reminds the people at the funeral about life after death. The priest tries to revoke the faith of the people and preach to them about eternal life.

7.  Dress To Wear

The mourners must attend the Christian funeral wearing modest clothes. Dark colours suit especially black is preferred more and followed by a formal shirt and tie. As for women, the dress must cover their knees and shoulders.

8.  Eulogy

A eulogy is given by the clergy or pastor in honour of the dead person during the Vigil ceremony. Close friends and family members sharing a strong bond with the dead person are invited to share their memories and say a few words about him/her.

Eulogies can often be in the content of the prayers and are planned in a way to pay tribute to the goodness of the deceased person.

9.  The Right To Committal

The right to committal involves a small service at the gravesite. For Christians, a cemetery is a sacred place, and so this final ceremony before burial is a solemn one.

The casket is lowered into the grave, the minister or priest says a short prayer, friends and relatives say “Goodbye” to the dead, throw a flower on the casket and a handful of mud. With this, the burial service comes to an end.

10.       A Reception

Holding a reception right after the burial is another common custom among Christians. The family offers food and drinks to the funeral guests, and the guest may also bring flowers or cards to console the grieving family members.

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