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13 Tips To Plan A Memorable Funeral Wake

funeral wake
The way we bid farewell to your beloved family member is vital to celebrate the wonderful soul they were and the beautiful memories they have left behind. For this reason, many families prefer to adopt the style and methods that reflect the personality of the departed soul.
Planning a memorable funeral wake can be overwhelming and difficult at the time when you have just lost a precious person. To make sure you have made the right choices on this important day, we have compiled a valuable list of tips for the funeral wake below.
13 Tips To Plan A Memorable Funeral Wake

1.  Frame the photos of the deceased that show their bright days and the memorable time they had. Display them on a family board or hang them beautifully in an artistic way. It will look highly refreshing and appealing.
2.  Instead of going for traditionally designed flowers, make the decorations using the colours that reflect the deceased’s interests, personality, or simply their preferences. The choices are unlimited to get creative here.
3.  Create a memory board. Arrange a small tree or a jar in which all the guests can put in their favourite memory with the loved one. This will act as a memory refresher and bring joy in the hard times of the family.
4.  To commemorate the deceased, planting a tree indicates excellent importance. Plant some trees or plants together with the guests or give out seedboxes that the guests can grow on their own is also a great initiative.
5.  Invite friends and family members to recall the dead with a nice poem, song, or just a small quote. This is an excellent way to grieve the loss together.
6.  Lighting candles has been a years old tradition in the memory of the deceased but releasing lanterns is also a beautiful way to say the last goodbye to the departed soul. 
7.  Use music to bring life to such an important day. Hire a local band to sing the favourite songs of your loved one. It’s an entertaining way to remember the people who used to be the light of your life.
8.  Creating a short memorial video is a beautiful way to cherish the time you had with your loved one.
9.  Offer the food that your loved one’s loved the most. Include their favourite snacks or drinks. This will be an unforgettable act of remembering them.
10.  Let nature do the talking. Instead of big chandeliers, arrange a funeral service around a mighty tree decorated with fairy lights, polaroid, decorative birds, and other such items.
11.  Place colourful rocks at the entrance and ask the guests to leave few words in the memory of the departed soul. You can use the stones around the house, garden or read them in the service later.
12.  Distribute the cute little keepsakes around. These angel or heart-shaped charms come in pretty little pouches and a printed card of the memorial poem on them.
13.  Create a hashtag and encourage the guests to use it while posting their ceremony pictures and videos.  They can even use it to share an old memory from earlier as well. 
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