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Everybody deserves a dignified farewell, a funeral service that is fully befitting of their legacy. Divine Casket Singapore will have you find peace of mind during this difficult time.

Divine Casket Singapore was established in 2004 by the late Silvester, one of the first few embalmers in Singapore. Through his dedication to the craft of embalming, he sought to provide the best for the deceased, emphasising respect for those who have passed and remembering those who have been left behind. His craftsmanship and embalming have earned much praise and compliment throughout the 1990s from grateful clients. 

Embodying the spirit of excellence and respect, Christopher took over the reins of Divine Casket Singapore to continue serving tirelessly in the funeral service market. Quality is never compromised. Privacy is fully respected. Your loved one’s passing is a time of grief and remembrance. Divine Casket Singapore respects the moment that your family deserves and is always on hand to provide you the professional advice and funeral services you need.


Divine Casket Singapore aims to provide bereaved families with meaningful and memorable funerals, wakes and burials as they send off their deceased loved ones. 


Divine Casket Singapore will provide for all in Singapore, regardless of their religion, race or circumstance.

Social Commitment

Every funeral package is designed to the needs and requirements of our clients. We never turn away clients, even if they might not have the financial means to conduct a full-scale funeral. 

If you are in such a situation, we will strive to build an affordable funeral service package that meets your financial constraints while entirely respecting the send-off that your loved one deserves.

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