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buddhist funeral

Buddhist Funeral Process

buddhist funeral
Buddhists, like Hindus, believe in reincarnation. They believe that death is inevitable as it is a part of the cycle of life. Therefore, they accept it with dignity. For them, their ‘life after death is determined by how a person leads his life, free from all worldly desires.
 In Singapore, Buddhism is the religion that most people follow. Therefore, one can easily see Buddhist funeral ceremonies in Singapore.
The Transition Of Life:

The Buddhists believe in expressing their grief on the death of a loved one. They follow the notion that death is only a transition from one world to another, and the body is merely a vessel for the soul. Therefore, the friends and family gather and remember their loved ones on good terms. The family can also perform good deeds on behalf of the deceased. They also believe in donating organs.
Buddhist Funeral Rites:

Once a person has expired, the body should not be touched for a few hours, as the Buddhists believe that the soul does not depart from the body right away.
However, the close ones gather to chant the Buddhist Sutra. Usually, the Buddhist monks are invited to lead, and the others follow after them. These verses are supposed to calm the passing of the deceased soul to the next world.
Funeral Customs:

A Buddhist funeral lasts for 3 to 5 days in Singapore. Depending upon different sects of the Buddhists, the customs and traditions may vary, but calmness and serenity mark this occasion with grace.
–  A monk leads the procession, chants verses, and delivers a sermon.
–  People wear dull clothing, and the family of the deceased mostly wears white on this occasion to mark grief.
–  An altar is set up, consisting of a picture of the expired soul with sometimes a picture of the monk.

At the Altar:

A cloth is given to the monk on behalf of the deceased by the family or other mourners. At the altar, the mourners light one joss stick each to pay respect to the departed soul. People bring candles, flowers and fruits to pay homage as well. The guests pour water from a pot to an overflowing cup at this time too.
Finally, the guests use sticks to walk, which symbolizes that the loss of their loved one has left them in a condition where they require support.


Traditionally, the body is cremated, and the gong or bells are rung. Before the casket is sealed, the monks perform the final rites. The guests observe a moment of silence, and the family usually lifts the coffin as the last act before cremation. The main idea is to observe that life is temporary as the guests and family send their good thoughts to the deceased.
Buddhism is a peaceful religion which is seen most evidently from their funeral processes. They respect their dead and send them off in the most esteemed way possible. 

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