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singapore christian funeral package

Christian funeral custom in Singapore

singapore christian funeral package

The most worthy thing you can do for your departed loved one is to bid them farewell with dignity, care and love. Therefore, performing all funeral customs nicely is the biggest concern of all family members. For this, the grieving family can consult or hire reputed funeral services to opt for an appropriate Singapore Christian funeral package, as well as make a decision whether the service should be performed in a church, HDB void deck or the funeral parlour.

In Singapore, the Christian community makes up about 18.9 of the total population, which is why all funeral services provide Singapore Christian funeral packages.

Let’s know more about Christian funeral customs in Singapore in detail so you may not miss or skip anything while attending or arranging one.

Christian Funeral Traditions

It is optional and wholly a decision of the family to display the coffin at the wake. In Singapore Christian funerals, it is common to display coffins to provide an opportunity for all to pay respect and offer condolences and bereavement. You can express your condolences by presenting flowers to the grieving family too.

In Christianity, it is considered that the deceased is set to reside in a better place that is heaven. To make this transition smooth and peaceful, prayers and hymns are often encouraged to be sung during the funeral ceremony led by the priests at church.

The Attire and Etiquette

Dull and dark colour attire is suitable for Christian funeral services in Singapore, such as grey, dark blue and white. Generally, Christian funeral service lasts only a few hours, contrasting to other religions, so it is quite feasible to customize and arrange for a one-day funeral service.

It would be appropriate to give a pat to the back or embrace the grieving for their loss to show your empathy. Shaking hands and talking loudly must be strictly avoided.

Memorial and Bereavement

In Singapore, there are mainly two options concerning how to bury the dead. The first choice that most Chinese Christians choose after the funeral wake is to cremate their loved ones. After that, the cremated ashes are commonly kept in an urn and placed in either Mandai or Choa Chu Kang columbarium for memorial commitments.

The other way for Chinese Christians burial is to choose the land burial option in Lim Chu Kang in the western region of Singapore. Land Burial requires extra cost because of the marble structure and tombstone at the gravesite. So, in order to pay respects, you can visit the grave of your dear one with fresh flowers.

Timing and Condolence Money

The accurate time to visit and pay your respects is before the sermon or the prayer commences. By doing this, you can leave if you do not wish to attend the prayer. After that, the main concern is about how much condolence money would be sufficient. In Singapore, fifty dollars is the minimum to aid the funeral expenses of the grieving family.

Divine Casket Singapore was established in 2004 by the late Silvester, one of the first few embalmers in Singapore. Through his dedication to the craft of embalming, he sought to provide the best for the deceased, emphasizing respect for those who have passed and remembering those who have been left behind. His craftsmanship has earned much praise and compliment throughout the 1990s from grateful clients. 

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