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Closed vs Open Casket funerals

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Displaying the casket containing the body of the departed is one of the most significant events during the entire funeral. Whether to leave the casket open during the prayer ceremony or to close the lid of the coffin during the final rituals is a serious decision that depends on the personal preference of the deceased’s family.

Is an open casket a suitable way to say the final goodbye, or should you close the casket to honour your loved one?

If you face this dilemma, understanding the benefits of closed vs open casket funerals might help you make a better decision. Whatever decision you make, a Singapore casket service will help you organize a funeral based on your request.

Open Casket Funerals

During an open casket funeral, the body is embalmed, dressed up in the finest clothing, and is prepared by a funeral makeup artist before finally placing it in a casket. The casket remains open, and family and friends can see their beloved for the last time.

The open casket is displayed either during the vigil or during the wake, where visitors attending the funeral have the chance to pay their final regards to the deceased.

Why Families Choose an Open Casket Funeral?

The initial choice of keeping the casket open depends on personal preference, traditions, or honouring the special wishes of the deceased. However, there are some reasons why families choose the open-casket funeral idea.

  •  Help the Grieving Family

When family members see their beloved resting peacefully in the casket, it helps them realize the fact that the person is finally gone. Accepting this reality allows them to grieve properly and move on with their lives.  

  •  Personal Preference

Personal choice is the first thing that matters when it comes to opting for an open casket funeral. The families of the dead want their beloved to have an honourable last ceremony.

  •  Mourners Can See the Face of the Deceased

Mourners coming to the funeral ceremony mainly include friends and family. Some friends might have been out of contact or may not have been able to visit the person when he was alive. This way, they can say their final farewell in person.

Closed Casket Funeral

During a closed casket funeral, the body is not displayed for the visitors at the funeral. The mourners cannot see the deceased’s face and have to say the final goodbye without physically seeing the body. With the casket closed, there may not be any need to embalm the body or make it presentable in any way.

Why Families Choose Close Casket Funerals?

Families can choose a closed casket funeral due to several reasons such as:

  • Preserve Living Memories

Seeing a loved one lifeless is challenging because you saw them smiling and laughing a few days back. By arranging a close basket funeral, family members want to preserve the person’s living memories and save an image where the person was looking happier rather than lifeless.

  • Lower Cost

The open funeral is quite expensive compared to a closed one. The body needs to be prepared for an open funeral, an expansive casket has to be arranged, and a funeral makeup artist is an added expense. For people who can’t afford such a luxury, a simple closed funeral is a preferable choice.

  • Tragic Death

People sometimes choose a closed casket funeral service because the death of their beloved was a tragic event. Maybe the person died from a terrible car accident or due to some tragic accident prohibiting the family members from holding an open casket funeral.

Divine Casket Singapore was established in 2004 by the late Silvester, one of the first few embalmers in Singapore. Through his dedication to the craft of embalming, he sought to provide the best for the deceased, emphasizing respect for those who have passed and remembering those who have been left behind. His craftsmanship has earned much praise and compliment throughout the 1990s from grateful clients. 

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