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Funeral Caskets

Buddhist/Taoist Caskets

Buddhism funeral rituals are rooted in Karma and reincarnation. Death is yet the beginning of rebirth. Buddhist funerals ought to be simple and dignified.

Divine Casket Singapore follows closely to traditional Buddhist funeral rituals to respect the religious beliefs of the deceased. Central to a funeral ceremony befitting of the deceased is the casket design. Using simple Buddhist ornaments and motifs, our caskets are a symbol of serenity and solemn respect.

Price Range:

  • Buddhist package: $5500+ 
  • Taoist package: $8000+

Christian/Catholic Caskets

The following caskets are also suitable for atheists and free-thinkers. 

Christian memorial services are conducted in accordance with the Christian faith’s customs and tradition. This usually involves a church service and prayers led by a Minister.

Embalming is allowed in Christian burial traditions and open caskets are practised too. Choosing a suitable casket for cremation, burial and open-casket viewing during the funeral service is an important decision. Divine Casket Singapore offers you a wide selection of funeral casket designs.

Price Range:

  • Christian/catholic package: $4500+


Looking for other casket designs or have other questions regarding our products and services? Drop us a message and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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