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funeral service

Arranging a funeral is tough as no one wants to say goodbye to their loved ones. However, it is a bitter reality that everyone has to face. All you can do at such a time is to arrange a beautiful funeral for your loved one.

Here is a quick guide that will help you arrange a funeral in Singapore.

1.  Hire A Funeral Director And Funeral Home

The first thing is to hire a funeral director to carry out the funeral. You must book a funeral director who can follow or perform services according to the rites and rituals of your loved one’s religion.

When choosing a funeral director, you should consider several aspects such as their services, credentials and experience, amongst other factors. You must select a well-established and reputable company for your funeral arrangements for the best results.

If you cannot decide on which funeral parlour or service provider to use, you should ask your relations, friends, neighbours or workmates for recommendations. You must then compare prices, services offered, etc… before making a decision.

2.  Hand the Information Sheet

You will need to begin by providing different information about the funeral.

This includes if there will be a wake or not, whether you will be holding the service at a crematorium, cemetery, temple or home and how many people will be attending. The funeral director will also ask for information on the departed, such as occupation, date of birth and address.

3.  Organising the Service

Next, you will need to finalise the service date and time with the funeral director. Most are available during weekends, but it is best to check with them first before committing the dates. Once the dates have been agreed upon, you can then start to plan for other aspects of your loved one’s funeral.

4.  Arranging Transportation or Chauffeur Service

If your loved one has died within the region, it is best to have them transported back home by a funeral director. If your loved one has died overseas, arrangements can be made for them to be sent back home to Singapore.

A funeral director will help you organise a fleet of vehicles to transport family members and guests during the funeral service. These include coaches/buses, which seat up to 40-50 people in some cases. They will also provide you with hearses, flower cars and limousines for the private use of families during the funeral service.

5.  Making Arrangements with a Cemetery or Crematorium

If you are holding your funeral at home, it is best to make arrangements with a cemetery or crematorium. Most provide a list of local cemeteries to choose from and their individual charges or tariffs. You will need to book the funeral service well in advance as some cemeteries have limited dates available over the weekend. In addition, you can ask for a weekday slot if you don’t want your loved one’s funeral on a Saturday.

6.  Arranging for Floral Tributes and Memorial Cards

Funeral directors can provide many different customisations such as flower decorations, wreaths and memorial cards.

You can book floral tributes or memorial cards while you are arranging other details of your loved one’s funeral with the funeral director. This will allow you to coordinate the colours, flowers, decorations and sentiments of both your loved one’s hearse vehicle and floral tributes. The tributes are usually delivered to the funeral home, where you can decide whether or not to keep them fresh for viewing.

7.  Negotiating Payment Arrangements

After organising all of your loved one’s funeral details, you will then need to pay for everything that has been arranged. Most funeral directors will be happy to work with you on payment plans, instalments plans or even cash payments. They are also able to organise funds transfers and other financial services if needed.

Divine Casket Singapore was established in 2004 by the late Silvester, one of the first few embalmers in Singapore. Through his dedication to the craft of embalming, he sought to provide the best for the deceased, emphasizing respect for those who have passed and remembering those who have been left behind. His craftsmanship has earned much praise and compliment throughout the 1990s from grateful clients. 

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