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buddhist funeral services

Guide to Arranging a Buddhist Funeral

buddhist funeral services

Every religion perceives death differently and has varying opinions about it. Buddhists think that death is a part of the lifecycle known as ‘samsara.’ They believe that their actions in this and of all previous incarnations will affect their future. Therefore, they believe that death should happen in a peaceful environment.

In Singapore, many funeral parlours provide Buddhist funeral services.

Guide To Arrange A Buddhist Funeral

Since Buddhist funerals are very diverse, it requires careful planning to arrange them. Here are some common points to keep in mind.

  • Follow The Deceased’s Wish or Plan Yourself

Since Buddhism has different schools of thought that follow different rituals, you need to decide what type of funeral you want for your beloved. Either you can follow the deceased wish mentioned in the will about their funeral, or the decision will fall on the shoulders of their family. You have to decide between these two options as every next thing will depend on this.

  • Chose the Verses To Be Recited

The religious Buddhist texts contain verses and texts which are recited at the funeral of the Buddhists. So if you are from the sect of Buddhism that prefers sacred chants to be recited at the funeral of the deceased, you should specify it to the monk conducting the service.

  • Planning the Rituals

As mentioned above, Buddhists believe that death and the dead should be surrounded by serenity and peace. That is why it is essential to leave the body in a quiet place for 3-4 hours after death for the soul to leave it.

As per the Buddhist’s belief, the soul stays in the body for some time after a person stops breathing, and no rituals can happen until the soul leaves the body. Thus, until then, the body must be kept completely cold and away from any liquids.

  • Displaying Flowers

If you are arranging a funeral service for your beloved, you should decide whether or not you want to display flowers. Usually, white flowers are used for mourning and to show support to the bereaved family. You can also choose the flowers the departed person liked in their lifetime. However, red flowers should strictly be avoided because red is a happy colour in Buddhism.

  • Arranging the Service

Most Buddhists prefer to be cremated after they die to follow the example of Buddha, but it is not necessary for every individual. You also have the option of burial and sea burial to choose from for your beloved. Whatever you choose, you will also need to decide when you want the service to happen.

Some Buddhism traditional say that a body should be cremated and buried after four days of death, and until then, embalming and disturbing the body in any way should be avoided. You can also arrange the service ASAP after death. However, the decision depends totally on the deceased’s loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Arranging a Buddhist funeral mostly depends on the sect and traditions you follow. Most of the rituals and etiquettes are at the disposal and discretion of the family of the deceased. Hopefully, this guide will help you arrange a proper and divine Buddhist funeral service in the memory of your loved one, and you will be able to send them off in the best way.

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