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Professional Funeral Services

Divine Casket Singapore has decades of experience in embalming, conducting funeral and wake services, arranging for cremation and burial, including burial at sea. We ease your mind off the tedious logistics of funeral service arrangement so that you can concentrate on this important and difficult moment with your family.

Whether it is setting up funeral parlours, receiving guests and family, arranging the transportation logistics between funeral and burial sites, or even repatriating a loved one who passed away overseas – Divine Casket Singapore is your ideal partner to hold your hand during this tough time.

Please note that some of these services may be limited or scaled down due to prevailing COVID-19 safe distancing restrictions. Please contact our team to find out more.

Our Services


Divine Casket Singapore has decades of experience in embalming and conducting funeral services for all religions. 

We are experts in arranging funeral logistics, setting up funeral parlours and wakes, and assisting with cremation services, burial ceremonies and sea burials.

Please note that some of these services may be limited or scaled down due to prevailing COVID-19 safe distancing restrictions. Please contact our team to find out more.

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Looking for comfortable transport options to ferry your family and visitors from the funeral parlour to the cremation or burial sites? We arrange comfortable passenger shuttles and buses to transport you to and fro comfortably. Choose from either the 12 pax passenger shuttle or the 49 pax bus.

Air-Conditioned Passenger Shuttle (12 pax)

  • Comfortable seats for 12 people
  • Convenient for the immediate family to be shuttled from the funeral parlour to the cremation site or burial site

Air-Conditioned Bus (49 pax)

  • Comfortable seats for 45 to 49 people
  • Convenient transport for family, relatives and even close friends
singapore funeral services

Repatriation Service

We arrange for professional repatriation services to and from Singapore. For those who passed away in Singapore and are looking to be repatriated back overseas, we help you through the documentations required. 

For those looking to repatriate the deceased into Singapore, we help to receive the deceased and assess the embalming required for the funeral service. We can preserve your loved one for the duration of the repatriation transfer. 

Contact our team for more intricate repatriation arrangements, such as holding areas, 24-hour surveillance, flight and accommodation booking and customs clearance documentation.

singapore funeral services

Overnight Watch

Engage our overnight watch service to keep all-night vigils during the wake to watch over the deceased’s body. We provide you and your family the downtime rest while ensuring that the wake is not disturbed or trespassed.

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Sea Burial

Conducting a sea burial allows you to scatter the ashes of the deceased into the sea just off Singapore, located about 2.8km south of Pulau Semakau. This can be arranged daily between 0900hrs – 1700hrs.

If this is the ideal send-off you want for your loved ones, contact us to make the necessary sea burial arrangements. We offer two options:

Divine Casket arranges for catering services across a range of cuisines including vegetarian catering.

Catering Services

Our catering services provide a range of cuisines, including vegetarian catering. Choose from a wide selection of catering menus and live cooking stations. Divine Casket Singapore offers choices from spread buffets to sit-down meals at the wake location. 

Arrange for professional chefs, special menus and specific cuisines to be served upon request. Contact us for the catering menu and options, as well as the price packages.

singapore funeral services

Floral Arrangements

Our in-house floral arrangement specialists are experts in floral arrangements for funeral services and wakes. Divine Casket Singapore has professional florists with years of experience creating funeral wreaths using fresh flowers. Select from our floral arrangement catalogue to find your preferred choice or choose to make a custom floral arrangement that suits your needs.

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Funeral Parlours

With two decades of experience organising funeral parlour services, our packages are affordably priced and customisable. Our funeral parlour and memorial halls are spacious, comfortable and come equipped with all you need to conduct a respectful funeral service, befitting of the deceased. Our team is well-versed with the funeral traditions and rituals of different religions.

Creating a dignified wake set-up is no easy feat, especially when one is saddled by recent news of a loved one’s passing. Leave the planning and organisations to Divine Casket Singapore, and we promise to design a respectful, serene and solemn environment for your family and visitors. From the selection of themed backdrops, to the music playlist, to the wreaths and ornaments, Divine Casket Singapore can organise the perfect funeral parlour for your needs.

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