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Taoist Funeral In Singapore

Taoist culture differs greatly in rituals and customs from others, and when it comes to a sad occasion of a funeral, this religious group follows their own specific traditions and norms. If you happen to attend a Taoist funeral in Singapore, it would be better to know all about this dialect group. Otherwise, you might face some embarrassment or awkwardness due to lack of knowledge, and you surely would not want that to happen on such a gloomy occasion.

If you look at the Taoist history, you will know that they focus more on health and longevity than hereafter. However, death is inevitable, so the Taoist community observes a particular set of rituals for their funerals in Singapore, which are available in a Taoist funeral package.

  • A Scared Ceremony to Protect Deceased from Harm

The family members of the deceased hold a sacred ceremony to clean the body and dress it properly in the nicest clothes, usually in white, black, blue colours. Bright colours are avoided as the spirit of the dead might become a ghost if dressed is in obtrusive colours.

Generally, 3 to 5 priests chant scriptures along with playing the drums and woodwind instruments, and the whole atmosphere of the funeral is filled with the aroma of incense, flowers and photos of the deceased.

  • Burn Joss Paper

Another important ritual observed in Taoist funerals in Singapore is the burning of joss paper. Joss paper is “ghost money” that is burnt by the guests at the funeral to save the deceased’s spirit from the underworld. This joss paper is particularly shaped like houses, clothes and other objects that may be needed by the deceased in the next world.

  • Feast Held on Funeral

After the deceased has been buried, a feast is held by the family where eight dishes are served to represent good fortune for the departed and the family. The most significant feature of the feast is that a seat is left empty for the deceased’s spirit. The feast starts with a “sugar water” dessert, and after that, other dishes containing fish and meat of animals except beef or horsemeat are served.

  • Protect Against Evil Spirits

Taoist people believe that everyone who attends the funeral needs to be guarded against evil spirits. So, the funeral attendees should take a yellow piece of paper, with their name, address and birthday on it, to the funeral and, after attending, burn it in their doorway.

This will prevent bad luck from coming to them as well, as no evil spirit will follow them to their home.

  • Mourn for 49 Days

It is allowed for everyone to mourn their heart out as loudly as possible together. 49 days is allotted for mourning, with prayers said every seven days. Children and grandchildren of the deceased are not allowed to cut their hair during this mourning period.

These were some of the rituals and traditions followed by the Taoist community in their funerals that clearly demonstrate their deep concern and care for their dead.

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