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singapore taoist funeral package

What to expect at a Taoist Funeral?

singapore taoist funeral package

Every culture has its own way of mourning the death of a loved one. Singapore, being home to multiple communities from all across the world, allows you to experience different cultures when it comes to saying the final goodbye.

Taoists are a multi-dialect Chinese community. Therefore, their death rituals and ceremonies differ based on different dialects and groups.  A Singapore Taoist funeral package accommodates the varying groups, including Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, and Hainanese.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoism

Rituals Involved in Taoist Funeral

The rituals and ceremonies surrounding the death of a person in Taoism can be elaborated and directed to bring peace in the deceased’s afterlife. In Taoism, people believe that death marks the beginning of a new journey, and they offer prayers to ensure the soul transfer quickly and peacefully from this world to the one hereafter.

Moreover, the rituals performed during Taoist funerals are simple, elaborate, and every ritual has a meaning associated with it.

  •  Altar Is Setup

You will see an altar being the centre of attention during a Taoist funeral ceremony. The altar contains things believed to bring peace to the dead. Holy lamps, cups, candles, flowers, foods, and fruits liked by the deceased are placed on the altar to give it a comprehensive look.

  • Preparing the Body

The body must be prepared before presenting it to the mourners. A Singapore Taoist funeral package includes all these arrangements. The funeral parlour washes the body and dresses up the body in a nice pair of clothes. Brown, black and white colours are popular choices among Taoists. However, red is strictly forbidden as it is believed to encourage the departed soul to live as a ghost in this world.

  • Mourners Wail to Show Their Grief

If you are attending a Taoist funeral in Singapore, the wailing of the mourners might get you off guard. But mourning to exhibit your grief is an important ritual in Taoist culture. The wailing continues during the procession and becomes even more intense when the casket is closed.

  • The Funeral Service

Taoist funeral service is all about supporting the dead in their journey to the world hereafter.

During the service, the Daoshi chants Taoist scriptures while soft music is played in the background. The priest also set up a fire to keep evil spirits at bay. Paper cars, servants, electronic items, money, and houses are burned during the funeral service. It is believed that these things will help the deceased in the next life.

  • The Taoist Funeral Wake

Taoist funeral wake lasts for 3-5 days, after which a funeral procession takes place, and the casket is transported to the burial site. The priest places white and yellow papers on the coffin, and finally, the casket is lowered down into the ground for burial. The family members say their final goodbye. The grieving family and guest must look away when the coffin is being buried.

Rituals Followed By the Funeral

Taoist culture is unique when it comes to preparing a funeral. Not only the funeral requires special arrangements, but there are also some post-funeral rituals that everyone must follow:

  • The morning period consists of 49 days.
  • The guest attending the funeral must burn the clothes worn by them during the burial.
  • The family must hold a small feast afterwards for the guest attending the funeral procession.

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