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What types of caskets should I choose?

singapore casket services

With a death in the family, you are faced with the sudden irreparable loss of your loved one. Preparing to give them a memorable farewell requires you to make decisions and arrangements timely. One of the decisions you will come across is to choose a casket for the deceased.

However, in this hour of grief, how can you make the right decision? To make things easier and smooth, you can opt for a reliable Singapore casket service to guide you in the matter. Read below to get a quick idea of the type of caskets available in the market.

Types Of Caskets

The material of the casket influences their cost. Among the wood collection, walnut and mahogany from the hardwood category make exceptional caskets but are a little expensive, whereas pine and poplar from softwood are less expensive.

In metals, bronze tops the list of costly materials, followed by copper. For economical options, stainless steel is the ideal solution. Some Singapore casket services also offer wooden caskets covered in cloth and veneers.

For aesthetic appearance, satin, cotton crepe, and velvet are available for the interior lining of the caskets. There are different colours for the lining you can choose from.

  • Metal Caskets

Metal caskets come in a variety of different options, including copper, bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Among metals, bronze and copper are durable options with non-rusting properties. They do oxidize with time but are the most long-lasting ones.

They are priced by weight per foot, due to which bronze and copper make the expensive caskets, whereas stainless steel and carbon are less expensive. The steel and carbon caskets come in varying gauge thicknesses of 16, 18, and 20. 16-gauge steel is thicker and heavier than 20-gauge steel. But these caskets are not suitable for cremation.

  • Wood Caskets

Wooden caskets are generally used in Buddhist funerals in Singapore. Both hardwood and softwood present you with a variety of options to choose from. Mahogany, cherry, and walnut are high-end options, whereas pine, poplar, and veneer are the affordable and highly popular ones for Singapore funerals. For mid-range materials, oak, birch, and maple are the best ones.

Cloth-covered fiberwood and pressed wood are the least expensive caskets.

  •  Green Casket

For environmentally friendly options, green caskets have taken the limelight quite promptly. These caskets are made with materials that naturally decompose and disintegrate into the earth. The popular choice for the green casket includes bamboo, hemp, and organic wood.

These are now making waves in western countries as well as Singapore for their efficacy and eco-friendly features.

Gasketed or Non-Gasketed Casket

Most metal caskets are gasketed and offer better protection against external elements. The protective sealing in the gasketed casket keeps water, dust, and debris out of the coffins. They are thought to be an incredible option to preserve the body for longer, but they cannot stop the gas from entering the casket, which can still cause the decomposition process.

Make an Informed Decision

Caskets are important and can be an expensive element of any funeral. Therefore, you should do some research before making a final decision according to your resources. However, as it is challenging at such a difficult time, opting for a Singapore casket service is the best option to go for.

Divine Casket Singapore was established in 2004 by the late Silvester, one of the first few embalmers in Singapore. Through his dedication to the craft of embalming, he sought to provide the best for the deceased, emphasizing respect for those who have passed and remembering those who have been left behind. His craftsmanship has earned much praise and compliment throughout the 1990s from grateful clients. 

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