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sea burial singapore

Why Is Sea Burial Gaining Popularity In Singapore?

sea burial singapore

Sometimes, people write in their will how they want to be let go of. For example, some people choose to be buried in the ground; some ask to be cremated and kept on the mantel in a jar, while others choose to be buried at sea. On the other hand, some people don’t have any preferences regarding their burial, and in such cases, their loved ones can choose the best option to let them go.

Different types of funerals are popular in other parts of the world, and one of them is sea burial, which is gradually gaining popularity across the globe, especially in Singapore. Sea burials are becoming popular because it is a more personal and individualistic way of saying goodbye to your loved ones.

Now, since sea burial is the less-discovered type of burial, we must ponder over why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Reasons Why Sea Burial Singapore Are Becoming Popular

A common misconception is that sea burials are becoming popular for religious purposes, but that is not the case. Though most religions have allowed it under different circumstances, there is no religion in particular that asks its people to bury relatives at sea.

Here are a few significant reasons why sea burial in Singapore is gaining popularity:

  • A Dying Man’s Wish

The main reason for this funeral’s popularity is the deceased person’s wish. It is possible that your beloved indicated in their life that they want to be let go of in the sea. The dead might have been a free-spirited person who didn’t want to be buried in the ground or cremated. Or maybe they wanted a unique sending-off. 

Apart from this, it also provides a personal and more heartfelt way of saying goodbye to a beloved person.

  • Limitations of Land

Since most people are buried in the land, the land burial space is running out quite quickly. So once a cemetery is complete, it is closed for at least 15 years so that the bodies may decompose, and then their remains are collected and put in one grave.  On the other hand, sea burial takes a few months for the body to deteriorate. This factor is making sea burials popular.

  • Budget-Friendly Funeral

There are times when the deceased’s family doesn’t have enough money to hold cremation or land burial. In this case, sea burials are ideal.

An average sea burial cost ranges from $200 to $500 in Singapore. The price depends on the time, the number of attendees, and the quality of the boat on which the casket is placed. You can additionally add $100 as fees of the coroner and other additional things.

Summing Sea Burial Singapore Popularity

These were a few reasons why sea burials are becoming popular in Singapore and around the globe.  Many significant personalities have been buried in the sea in the past. It has become a very profound process and way to send someone you love off.

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